The Tourism Sector in the Caribbean is Currently Surging Over 116% Year over Year!

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The Opportunity: In the vibrant Caribbean, property hosts are currently constrained to primarily utilizing Airbnb for listing their properties, facing some of the highest fees in the market. This situation significantly narrows profit margins for hosts and diminishes potential savings for guests.
MOONHOMEBNB.COM, The Platform: Our innovative platform offers a compelling alternative, promising to redefine the rental landscape by drastically reducing listing fees, enhancing profitability for hosts, and delivering greater savings to guests. Join us in unlocking the full potential of the Caribbean hospitality market.

Philanthropy: We are more Than a Short-Term Rental Platform; It's a Philanthropic Revolution. At the heart of our mission lies a deep-seated commitment to nurturing the communities that make the Caribbean a paradise on earth. We go beyond mere transactions by pledging 2% of our profits to local charities dedicated to enriching the lives and environment of the island.

Partner with us at, where every stay contributes to a greater cause, empowering local communities and fostering a legacy of positive impact.

Strategies for Surpassing the Competition:

At, we believe in strategic precision to revolutionize the short-term rental market. Our approach is methodical, aimed at redefining industry standards and offering unparalleled value to our hosts, guests, and the communities we serve. Here’s how we stand apart:

Maximizing Host Profits: By choosing, hosts can see their profits soar by up to 33% compared to Airbnb, thanks to our lower fee structure. This significant increase in earnings makes us the go-to platform for maximizing rental income.

Local Ownership and Community Integration: Being locally owned isn't just about business; it's about belonging. Our platform is embraced by the communities we operate in because we understand the local needs, contribute to the local economy through taxes (unlike Airbnb), and foster a sense of mutual growth and respect.

Philanthropic Commitment: Our dedication to philanthropy isn’t just about small gestures; it's about making meaningful impacts. We donate 2% of our profits back into the local charities, contributing to the welfare and development of the island's communities.

Innovative AI Technology: We leverage cutting-edge AI technology to enhance our platform's user interface and user experience (UI/UX), ensuring it's not just user-friendly but also operates with minimal overhead. This innovation makes hosting and booking seamless and efficient.

Strategic Local Partnerships: Our alliance with local tourism groups strengthens the island's tourism ecosystem, ensuring that guests enjoy authentic experiences while contributing to sustainable tourism growth.

Join us at, where we're not just challenging the status quo; we're setting new standards for success, community integration, and technological innovation in the short-term rental booking market.

Puerto Rico, known for its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality, is experiencing a surge in tourism, buoyed by favorable lodging and travel trends. Let's delve into the latest data showcasing the island's thriving tourism landscape.

Both hotel bookings and short-term rentals are on the rise, with hotel bookings up by 6% and rental bookings up by 28% compared to last year. Despite a slight dip in hotel occupancy, revenue per available room (RevPAR) has grown by 2%.

Total lodging revenues have surged to $372 million year-to-date, marking a robust 16% growth. Hotel revenues have increased by 10% to $125 million, while rental revenues have soared by 34% to $69 million.

Hotel and rental reservations for the first and second quarters of 2024 are pacing ahead by 7% and 17% respectively. Airline ticketing pace has also surged, with a 25% increase for the first quarter and a 13% increase for the second quarter compared to last year.

Puerto Rico experienced an impressive 8% increase in visitor spending during January, outperforming all other states according to the U.S. Travel Association. This growth underscores the island's appeal and ability to attract visitors seeking unique cultural experiences and natural beauty.

In conclusion, Puerto Rico's tourism industry is flourishing, driven by strong lodging demand, record-breaking revenues, and positive travel booking trends. The island's adaptability and ability to offer unparalleled experiences position it as a top vacation destination.
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