About us

MOONHOMEBNB.COM, LLC is a formidable American company based in Puerto Rico, established in 2022.

We have positioned ourselves as a powerhouse in the Short-term rentals booking platform industry, investing in Real Estate and the Travel and Tourism industry. With a focus on rebuilding, fostering growth, technological innovation, and exceptional profitability.

MoonhomeBNB.com is committed to revolutionizing the Short-term Rental (STR) booking platform for the Caribbean and affordable housing industry, leaving a lasting impact on the local communities.

Core Operations: At the heart of our operations lies our team, working diligently on our flagship short-term booking platform that transcends conventional boundaries. Serving as a trusted intermediary, we facilitate seamless transactions while earning a commission from each booking. Our platform showcases exceptional properties curated by the Moonhome Boots on Ground Team.

Comprehensive Ecosystem:

MOONHOMEBNB.COM encompasses a comprehensive ecosystem designed to unleash its full potential. In addition to MOONHOMEBNB.COM, we also operate MOONHOME ESTATES, specializing in property acquisitions. These strategic ventures allow us to expand our reach and provide diverse offerings to cater to the evolving needs of the travel and tourism industry and the problem with affordable long term rentals.

Importance of Core Values

Our core values serve as guiding principles that drive our actions and define our identity as an organization.

They include:

Visionary Innovation: We are committed to pushing boundaries, embracing technological advancements, and setting new industry standards. Our visionary mindset allows us to deliver innovative solutions that enhance the travel and tourism experience.

Community Collaboration: We recognize the importance of collaborating with the local community. By establishing strong relationships with hosts, property owners, and local businesses, we contribute to community growth and development. We believe that together, we can create a thriving ecosystem that benefits everyone involved.

Ethical Business Practices: Transparency, integrity, and ethical business practices are at the core of our operations. We prioritize trust-building, fostering genuine connections, and maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and accountability. These values guide our decision-making process and ensure long-term sustainability.

Social Impact: MOONHOMEBNB.COM, LLC is committed to making a positive social impact. Through our initiatives, we aim to uplift communities, contribute to economic development, and create opportunities for individuals and families. We believe that business success should go hand-in-hand with social responsibility.


At MOONHOMEBNB.COM, our mission is to create a positive impact in the Caribbean Islands by fostering an economical and personalized platform that benefits both hosts and guests. We aim to enhance the vacation rental experience through affordable options, personalized service, innovation, and active collaboration with the local community. By doing so, we strive to uplift the tourism sector, promote economic growth, and contribute to the overall well-being of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands.