Q: What is Moonhomebnb.com's market potential?
A: Moonhomebnb.com has the potential to generate and impressive revenue of $12+ million per year conservatively.

Q: Is there a cap on the amount of LLC Member Units I can purchase?
A: No, there is no cap on the amount you can purchase.

Q: What percentage of ownership does one unit represent?
A: The percentage is 0.02% ownership per LLC Member Unit.

Q: What does STR mean?
A: STR means Short Term Rentals.

Q: Why would hosts/property owners currently using competitor platforms switch or use Moonhomebnb.com?
A: We have a Flat Rate Fee price structure allowing the hosts to generate 33% more revenue passing savings to the guest.

Q: How does Moonhomebnb.com give back to the local communities?
A: Moonhomebnb will donate 0.02% to help in the affordable housing and energy crisis.

Q: What is the Exit Strategy for early stage investors?
A: Possible Initial Public Offering (IPO) or Acquisition. (See Business Plan for more info)

Q: How many Voting rights do I get per LLC Member Unit?
A: Each Class B Unit Holder = 1 Voting Right.
Each Class A Unit Holder = 2 Voting Rights.

Q: When do distribution begin?
A: The timeline for these distributions will be set through a resolution, which needs to be approved by a majority of the membership vote. It's important to remember that any modifications or decisions regarding the distribution schedule must comply with the rules set forth in the company's operating agreement.


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